Donnerstag, 16. November 2017

The first meeting of the Cytopathology Working Group was held at the Institute of Pathology on November 16th 2017 in Lausanne.

After a panel discussion on quality control in OBGYN cytology based on the propositions submitted by the College of American Pathologists in 2013, the following quality control indicators were adopted:

  • Unifying nomenclature: all institutes report Bethesda categories.
  • Monitoring of interpretive rates: ASCUS/LSIL ratios for individual cytotechnologists and the entire laboratory
  • Prospective re-screening of 10% of all negative PAP-smears especially high-risk smears
  • Retrospective re-screening of cases with current HSIL on PAP or CIN 2+ on histology and previous NILM cytology
  • Cytology/histology correlation, especially of all discrepant (HSIL) cases. Institutes should attempt to obtain information on histology results (mandated by quality guidelines SGPATH).
  • Monitoring of the PPV.