Lundi, 18. Juin 2018

1. Federal exam “EPS EXPERT/-E EN CYTODIAGNOSTIC”:The federal exam ‘EPS expert cytodiagnostics’ stayed the main topic also of the second annual meeting. After the last meeting a letter was sent to OdaSanté pointing out the tremendous costs of the exam. OdaSanté asked us to submit concrete suggestions on how to reduce costs by October. A meeting of OdaSanté and members of the sponsorship for the exam will take place in December to discuss the propositions. 

Mardi, 6. Février 2018

1. Federal exam “EPS EXPERT/-E EN CYTODIAGNOSTIC”:The date for the next exam has been postponed to 2020 and will not place as originally planned in 2019 ( The excessive administrative costs of the exam led to this postponement. As of now, the Swiss Federation only covers 60% of the exam costs and not as initially projected 80%.

Jeudi, 16. Novembre 2017

The first meeting of the Cytopathology Working Group was held at the Institute of Pathology on November 16th 2017 in Lausanne.

After a panel discussion on quality control in OBGYN cytology based on the propositions submitted by the College of American Pathologists in 2013, the following quality control indicators were adopted: