Lundi, 18. Juin 2018

1. Federal exam “EPS EXPERT/-E EN CYTODIAGNOSTIC”:The federal exam ‘EPS expert cytodiagnostics’ stayed the main topic also of the second annual meeting. After the last meeting a letter was sent to OdaSanté pointing out the tremendous costs of the exam. OdaSanté asked us to submit concrete suggestions on how to reduce costs by October. A meeting of OdaSanté and members of the sponsorship for the exam will take place in December to discuss the propositions. 

2. Geneva school for cytology and cantonal diploma Geneva:The Geneva school for cytology does not exist any longer and their cantonal diploma is replaced by the federal diploma starting in 2018 (for detailed information see also The future is currently uncertain and a policy of wait and see is pursued (Next exam? Reduced costs? Number of candidates?). As of now, the Geneva school for cytology will offer informational support to cytotechnologists who want to pass the Federal Examination, but so far, no requests have been received. In future, the policy of the German speaking part of Switzerland might be adopted in which each individual laboratory will train its own cytotechnicians. The SSC will reflect on how to support cytotechnologists education (organization of courses? Work shop? Revision of slides?) See also point 4. 

3. SecretaryThere seems to be a tendency to announce membership termination after invoices have been sent out. In future, letters of termination of membership have to be sent to the secretary at least 2 weeks prior to the general assembly of the annual meeting. 

4. Annual meeting Berne:The definitive program has been presented and will be published on the website soon and sent out as a newsletter. Once posted, registration is open online.To promote teaching of cytotechnicians a ‘cytotechnician course’ will be offered Saturday afternoon after the official annual meeting. Details will follow.